Careers, jobs and chronic illness

People ask me, “Why does your website, focus on “professionals?”  And,  “Why does your book (Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease:Keep Working Girlfriend!) seem to focus on well-educated and well-heeled career oriented women? ”

Honestly?   I focused my company on this group because it’s the “low hanging fruit”.  People who are invested in “career” have invested a lot of effort to get where they are and aren’t giving it up without a “fight”.  I don’t have to convince them of the importance of work.  Nor of the difficulties.

And the book, Women Work and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working Girlfriend? Why did we write about women with “careers” rather than people who have “jobs”?  The simplest answer is that in my experience people who regard their work as a career are more invested in doing what they have to do to be successful.

FYI – for a perspective on this, read Amy Tenderich’s review of Women Work and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working Girlfriend! on her May 20 post in

And be sure to scroll down to  the email she got from “Funlover”. It’s a sad example of even when you live with a well recognized disease, like Diabetes, and you’re in a nursing school (can you imagine?)  people run into absurd roadblocks in taking care of their health while trying to participate in the “larger world”.  Go figure.

Do you feel like it’s time to start mopping the floors?