Sometimes working women need breaks too

Hi all, Rosalind and I are aware that we’ve not posted in almost 2 weeks. Rosalind had some personal matters to attend to last week – she’s ok – and I’ve been swamped with a couple of extra projects, one planned and one not. So, though we hold you in our minds and our commitment to post weekly, we’ve just not had the capacity for full blown posts.

If there’s anything my illness taught me, it was to pace myself and know when enough is enough, and that all will be ok, even if I don’t always do what I planned to do. About an hour ago I was sitting in a cafe plugging away to prepare for my Dare to Automate teleseminar tomorrow, and I ran out of steam. So I stopped. I felt my body say, “OK, that’s it Joan!” (Have you noticed greater atunement to your body too?) I packed my stuff and came home.

And, then I remembered I told Rosalind I’d post tonight. So I sit with my laptop back on my sofa and write what’s on my mind and share what’s going on at this moment rather than craft the message I had planned.

When your body says “no more,” do you pay closer attention than you used to? I’ve learned that needs tending will be there when I’m ready, and some seemingly pressing commitments often fall away.